“Political Correctness” was it seems historically a phrase that had positive connotations. It was meant to symbolise politeness in order to avoid discrimination or alienation against disadvantaged groups.  It did though have different meanings in different countries for example the communists used the phrase to ensure “correct” political views were taken.

In the 1990’ the term “Political Correctness Gone Mad (PCGM)” was used more and more in the UK.  It was the main term used by the “right” to show their concerns about “left” wing policies. Too many it became an evangelical crusade to use this term in order to stop the spread of left wing policies and liberalism.

It also led to a range of urban myths as examples of PCGM.

  • City councils banning Christmas to avoid offending Jews, Muslims, neopagans, and other non-Christian folk
  • Manholes being renamed “Personnel Access Units” to avoid offending women.
  • Blackboards in school being renamed “chalkboards” to avoid offending black people.
  • School sports day being cancelled in an effort to wrap British children up in cotton wool.
  • People not being allowed to sing “Ba Ba Black Sheep”

It’s interesting to note that it’s usually not minorities who raise this issue of PC, but politicians who want to exploit the situation. For example politicians (sometimes even with the best of intentions), make a judgement on behalf of minorities and say things should be banned in order not to offend a minority whereas in reality the minorities are not actually ever offended. Similarly, many journalists make up articles about PCGM since they have been paid to report these prejudices through one sided reporting.

Therefore, the aim of this website is for people to have an opportunity to air their views on issues where they think political correctness has gone mad leading to insane or unintended outcomes.

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