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    On 9 October 2013 it was announced by the OECD that England is the only country in the developed world in which 16 -24 years olds display worse basic skills than those nearing retirement age. They also ranked 22 out of 24 developed nations for literacy and 21st for numeracy. In total nearly 8.5million adults have the literacy skills expected of a 10 year old!!

    This is due to the culmination of decades long process of introducing comprehensives and the destruction of grammars with the politically correct ideology that left those in charge of the educational establishments level down rather than build up. Anyone who said otherwise was deemed not to be politically correct.

    Many generations have suffered due to these liberal teaching attitudes and dumbing down ideology. Lets hope that saying:
    1) that some rote learning is useful and effective
    2) Teach the 3R’s and
    3) bring back grammer schools and their teaching methods

    is no longer viewed as a politically incorrect statement and instead deemed to be common sense as the OECD evidence now clearly proves.

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